Back in the game!

Been a while. For sure. A lot has happened personally and I took a hiatus from working out. Although, I have not been un-active. Being a mom of twin boys and PreK Teacher…I’m definitely active. Just not active enough. I can feel it too. I can feel the heaviness and the unease. I’ve not gained weight; I’ve not lost weight. I’m not eating right either.

So lets talk about THAT. I found out I do not have Celiac Disease. I do not have to be gluten-free. Although the gluten was hurting me. I had a pancreas problem. I have notice a difference though from when I was not eating gluten to now that I can. I still have some pain and other problems when I eat processed foods. I’m cutting out that crap.

Now for the fitness. I am running around doing things for other people. I just open my mouth and out comes “I can help with that”. Yeah, I could do that when I was married and a stay at home mom last year, but this year? I just can not. I need to learn to say no. I’m way too busy! I’m taking the twins to sports and doing school activities with them. I’m busy in my own classroom taking care of my little ones there. I’m running around for friends and family and doing all sorts of odds and ends for them. I my self have not taken time to even paint my own nails. I have not picked up a book in a month (GASP or two), which is SOOOOOOO NOT like me. I love reading. My second “love to do” activity – Yoga and meditation. THERE HAS BEEN NONE in about two – three months! (other than in my classroom, I’m teaching my 3 and 4 year olds but I do NOT count that at all)

I’m going to start Yoga tomorrow. NO. I’m going to start today. In fact I’m going to do at least 30 min of cardio activity sometime TODAY. Its time I reclaim myself.

I am no longer a stay at home mom. I am no longer married. I am no longer going to push myself to the side. I deserve better. My twins deserve better.

Lets do this thing!



Do you follow the Paleo Diet? As of right now I am not strictly Paleo. Although I might be soon, the choice might be taken away from me. Either way there is an amazing recipe site called Nom Nom Paleo. The dishes featured look delicious and they are healthy. I’m posting this one as an example, also because I am placing it on my grocery list for next week. I let ya know if my twins like it or not 🙂

I dropped out!

I dropped out of the blog o sphere! The last few weeks I have not been on any kind of schedule. I barely did any work outs ( a few a week but nothing major) although I did continue Yoga for about 10 – 15 min a day about 3 – 4 days. I can not call them workouts. Stretching. yes. Moving meditations. yes. it was certainly not cardio. no. Even though today is Wednesday, I will get in at least 3 days of cardio! At least Tabata and I am adding in 10 minute solutions kickboxing this week. Pilates kicked my ass a few weeks ago and I was so super sore! geesh. I know they work though and I will add it in next week.

I know I was not productive last week. I slacked off big time, but I am not giving in!

Side – I have been adding in more water daily. I feel determined.

Form in Fitness

Another round of Pilates today. I got the form right! I am so proud of myself. That was really hard though and I can still feel the pain from doing this same set of Pilates two days ago. I think that’s a good thing. Form is extremely important. If you are not practicing the correct form it could cause damage and the results will not be what you are looking for if any.
I went into the office to work yesterday and I spoke to a friend about working out. I was not going to tell anyone originally but I am glad I told her. She was very supportive and I feel like she is the perfect person to tell. I am very tired tonight. I have found that I do actually like working out more in the mid morning the best but my second favorite time is actually early morning. That seems so wrong since I am naturally a night owl but it is the truth. Weird, but it is. Still need to drink more water! All in all, everything is working well 🙂

Third week?

I can not believe I am going into my third week. Gaw. Am I really doing this? Why, yes. Yes I am. 🙂 I actually wanted to start the fitness week on Monday but I did not get there. Today, Tuesday, I did Pilates instead of the Tabatas to switch things up a bit. I am not bored with the Tabatas yet, but I want to fuse the two together soon so I thought I would start working on my form in Pilates for this week. I’m not sure yet but I think next week I might do all three combos, Yoga, to stretch, Tobata, Pilates, and then cool down with Yoga and ease on into meditations.

For this week though, I found a really great 10 minute Pilates for abs. It really kicked my but though and I know I did not do every move the same amount of reps I was supposed to. Here is a big tip. WATCH the video first, then do the work out. This is why I did not get all my reps in. There were a few times where I said “whaaa?” and had to stop what I was doing to make sure I was following the instructor. Tomorrow though, no excuses. NONE.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am working in the office so I am going to try to work out in the morning before I wake up Twins. I don’t know how well this will work out since I am SOOOO not a morning person. I am excited to do the Pilates routine again.

Also, I was reading another bloggers post about protein. Soon afterwards I ran across something else about protein and working out so I really need to research this subject.

Last Week (NEW!)

One whole week went by while I didn’t/couldn’t post so let me tell all about it. I DID complete all Four of my days my first week of working out. I did another round of Tabata and found that I can work out out with the kids in the house without interruption. What? YES, its true! Ha ha. That was a huge step. Twins actually did not even move from their computers actually. Thank you Minecraft 🙂

Last week I am sad to report that I only did 3 days of Tabata. I did clean the entire house and the chicken area and I think I hurt worse on that next day then after doing the Tabatas. Does that count as a work out? I’m not convinced I should count it out but I will. Sigh. Also, I still do not think I’m drinking enough water but I am drinking more and more each day.

Fitness day 3 (still reposting, hang in there)

Okay so my blog is part of a magic act and hopefully the show is over Yesterday Jan, 17th was actually day three of fitness but I couldn’t post it here until today. I started out with customizing my blog for a bit. Filling in some time before my workout could begin. So when it came time to actually blog about my workout later, I couldn’t actually do it here. So this is yesterdays work out
Fitness Day Three
I was hunting around the net and found a really cool short to the point video in Tabata. Four minutes and the timer is clear on the video as well. I tried it out today and yup super simple and I am actually doing this correctly. With one small detail that was a bit off. I was not paying any attention to my form. Although my form wasn’t bad, I just think I need to be aware of it. Just as in Pilates and Yoga the correct form goes a long way and is super important. The instructor in the video said she has more on youtube so I think I will mosey over there later and check them out. When I get a chance I will also post a link to the videos too. Also, I think I was spelling the word wrong. SMDH :/ oh well. Correcting it now. lol
One other thing: I am not getting enough water in my diet. This problem is an on again, off again thing. More is definitely needed though.
My muscles have been more sore than yesterdays. The pain wasn’t bad though and I pushed through it. I think the stretches and Yoga before and after have really helped to keep the soreness down to a minimum. I have ibuprofen on standby. I don’t like to take any kind of medicine unless really needed. I know, Im stubborn but that will be what gets me through this journey I think.
I only have one more day and my first weeks goal will be accomplished. Just one more day. That’s not so bad at all
Thank you to those who are taking their time to read my words and like my page! Its a motivator for sure!